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Command Line

To use LuaWebGen, navigate to your site's root folder and run this from the command line:

webgen command [options]

or, in the universal version:

lua path/to/webgen.lua command [options]



webgen build [options]

Build the website (i.e. process files in the content folder and write the results to the output folder). Also look at the available build options.

new site

webgen new site <folderName>

Initialize a folder to contain a new site. Example:

webgen new site "internet-dogs"
cd "internet-dogs"
webgen new page "blog/first-post.md"
webgen build

new page

webgen new page <pagePath>

Create a new page with some basic information. Example:

webgen new page "blog/first-post.md"

new feed

webgen new feed [<feedPath>]

Create a new RSS feed. A feed lists all (sub)pages from newest to oldest by default. The default path, if none is given, is feed.xml.

new sitemap

webgen new sitemap

Create a sitemap file (sitemap.xml).

Build Options


--autobuild or -a

Auto-build website when changes are detected. This makes LuaWebGen run until you press Ctrl+C in the command prompt.


--baseurloverride <baseUrl>

Override config.baseUrl with another value.


--date <datetime>

Specify what date to build the website for (the default being "now"). The date affects what pages are included in the build depending on their publishDate value.


--drafts or -d

Include page drafts when building.


--force or -f

Force-update all. This makes LuaWebGen treat all previously outputted files as if they were modified. This has the same effect as deleting the output folder.



Show absolute paths to files in the console and the log.



Output metaprograms to the folder temp/meta. Metaprograms are what LuaWebGen generates from templates, and when they run they in turn generate the resulting file (webpage or whatever). These can be used for debugging.



Disable Lua's garbage collector. This might decrease the build time.


--verbose or -v

Enable verbose printing to the console. (Verbose messages are still logged whether this option is present or not.)

Page updated: 2021-07-07